Motorized Shoe Cleaner with HEPA Filter (Included), 1 Rotating Brush, 3 Stationary Brushes, Internal Vacuum

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Motorized Shoe Cleaner – 1 Rotating Brush/3 Stationary Brushes

This economical, motorized shoe cleaner has one rotating brush (that cleans the bottom of the shoe) and three stationary brushes (that clean the toe and sides of the shoe).

Easy to operate, this motorized shoe cleaner is turned on and off with a handle/lever that can be reached from a standing position and also helps provide balance. In just seconds, you can efficiently clean a shoe with this durable, automatic shoe cleaning machine.

Motorized Shoe Cleaner With Built-In Vacuum
An internal vacuum system on the automatic motorized shoe cleaner draws particles from the shoe into a dust bag, which can be easily changed out, no tools required.

Motorized Shoe Cleaner With HEPA Filter
The motorized shoe cleaner has a HEPA filter on it (included), which ensures the air that’s discharged from the shoe cleaner is filtered and doesn’t contaminate the environment.

Safety Features On The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
The motors on each brush of the automatic shoe cleaner are designed to limit the power, which helps protect users. The starting torque of each motor is low, and for best use, you should start the motorized shoe cleaner before putting your shoe into the slot.

Features Of The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Top features of the motorized shoe cleaner include:
•1 rotating brush for the heels of shoes
•2 side-mounted stationary brushes for the sides of shoes
•1 top-mounted stationary brush for the toes of shoes
•HEPA filter (included)
•internal vacuum (that uses disposable vacuum bags)
•on/off handle that can be operated from a standing position and used for balance
•outside plastic cover that’s hinged
•adjustable width (can accommodate extra wide shoes and boots)

How To Use The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
The automatic shoe cleaner couldn’t be easier to use! You simply pull the handle/lever toward you to start the machine. Insert your shoe into the shoe cleaner, and slide it forward and backward (for 5 seconds or so) to remove all of the particles and contaminants from your shoe. While your shoe’s being cleaned, you can use the handle/lever to maintain your balance. When you release the handle/lever back to its original position, the machine’s cleaning cycle stops.

Set Up And Maintenance Of The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
There’s no assembly required for the motorized shoe cleaners machine. You simply take your shoe cleaner out of the box, place the handle/lever in its hole, plug in the machine, and you’re ready to go. You can quickly and easily replace the vacuum bag and HEPA filter, no tools required.

Warranty On The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
We offer a one-year warranty on all of our motorized shoe cleaners.

Cleanrooms, Labs, and Manufacturing Facilities Love Our Motorized Shoe Cleaners
Cleanrooms, labs, and manufacturing facilities love our motorized shoe cleaners! They help keep contaminants and particles out of sterile and/or controlled environments, and the machines are a must-have for gowning rooms. Unlike tacky mats (which only clean the bottom of shoes) or disposable shoe covers (which can quickly add up in cost), our motorized shoe cleaner machines provide a comprehensive, cost-effective solution!

Electrical And Vacuum Requirements For The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
Below are the electrical requirements for this automatic, motorized shoe cleaner machine:
•120 volt AC, 60 Hz (can be plugged into standard 110v outlet)
•optional electrical transformer is available for other voltages
•optional vacuum kit is available for in-house, central, or external vacuum systems

Dimensions Of The Motorized Shoe Cleaner With 1 Rotating Brush And 3 Stationary Brushes
Below are the dimensions of this motorized shoe cleaner:
•Length: 27 ½ inches
•Width: 18 inches
•Height: 12 inches (36 inches with the handle/lever)

Product Code: CRW-SC4017-1RB-INV-HE

To Order A Motorized Shoe Cleaner
To order a motorized shoe cleaner online, you can click above and put the item in your shopping cart. Or, if you’d prefer, you can call customer service at (720) 697-7331, or e-mail

Shipping Preferences And Instructions For The Motorized Shoe Cleaner
You’re responsible for freight charges on the motorized shoe cleaner. We can ship the machine to you via UPS or FedEx, your choice. Your order will ship “prepay and add to the invoice” or “collect.” If you prefer “collect,” add your freight account number to the “Comments” box that you’ll see when you’re checking out. The shipping weight for the motorized shoe cleaner is 55 lbs.

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