Vacuum Bags For Motorized Shoe Cleaners - Pack of 5

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Vacuum Bags For Automatic, Motorized Shoe Cleaner Machines

For our motorized shoe cleaners that have built-in vacuum systems, we offer replacement vacuum bags.

These shoe cleaner vacuum bags come in a 5-pack and can be quickly and easily replaced on the motorized shoe cleaners, with no tools required.

The vacuum bags fit these models of automatic, motorized shoe cleaner machines:
motorized shoe cleaner with HEPA filter, 1 rotating brush, and 3 stationary brushes (internal vacuum)
motorized shoe cleaner with HEPA filter and 3 rotating brushes (internal vacuum)
motorized shoe cleaner with HEPA filter and 4 rotating brushes (internal vacuum)

Product Code: CRW-10400-0101

To Order Vacuum Bags For The Motorized Shoe CleanersTo order vacuum bags online, you can click above and put the item in your shopping cart. Or, if you’d prefer, you can call customer service at (720) 697-7331, or e-mail

Shipping Preferences And Instructions For The HEPA Filter
You’re responsible for freight charges on the vacuum bags. We can ship the vacuum bags to you via UPS or FedEx, your choice. Your order will ship “prepay and add to the invoice” or “collect.” If you prefer “collect,” add your freight account number to the “Comments” box that you’ll see when you’re checking out.